The company

ITC Company consists of experienced consultants in the field of telecommunications, IT, law and economics. The experience of our consultants, obtained in the biggest telecommunication companies has enabled us to better know and understand the needs of our customers.

Thanks to the experience of its consultants, ITC Company has elaborated optimal conditions of cooperation with the leading operators and equipment suppliers. Basing on the experience and the continuous work consisting in analysing the operators’ offers and policy, the company shares its knowledge and experience with its customers.

ITC Company has emerged to satisfy the demand for the services of specialized consultants from the teleinformatics branch. Our main goal is to support companies in their pursuits of optimizing the expenses and the quality of the provided teleinformatics services.

The liberalisation of the telecommunications market has enabled the emergence of several dozen of alternative operators in relation to TP S.A. (Polish Telecommunications). The multitude of offers and constant promotions, as well as the development of new services, are often a serious challenge, even for a professional department inside the company. The continuity of changes occurring on the teleinformatics market requires accurate and up-to-date knowledge of the situation in this field.

Conducting several dozen of projects from the field of teleinformatics implementations per year provides us with current knowledge of present negotiating opportunities of the operators, as well as of the proposed modern technological solutions.